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Future Developments

Thinking back on the final outcome now and reflecting on what could be done now, i feel a way i could have took the project further was to print out each frame of the rotoscoping  animation  and make a stop motion videos from these pictures.

This may have been very costly to do as i would have 1029 pictures to print at A4 page size, but i feel the overall look would be very professional. I had problems with how the colours looked as i had created a video and over layed it over another video. Using the printed pages would have meant there was no contrast in colours between videos.



The Final Outcome

This is the video i have chosen for my final video. I have made the whole video black and white and added a sharpen effect that gives it the look i was hoping for.

Final Outcome 2

I am still not sure if this gives the 1970’s look. I feel the bright colours are still not giving me what i vision.

First Final Outcome

With this video i believe the colours are too contrasting and don’t give it the 1970’s look i was hoping for. I will now try making the animation Rotoscope black and white to see how it looks.

Changing the final outcome

The frames by themselves do not portray the coming to life of the animation. I have now got my old family photo album from the 1970’s time period. I will now video myself looking through this album and bring the animation to life as if it is a picture.  This will give me the effect im looking for.

All Fames Rotoscoped

Here is the collection of frames i have edited and now put together.

Some experiments of the Animation

I have uploaded an example online to show some different varieties of how the animation may look. I have added a music track over it for the time being so that you can watch the video with sound.

Progress Update

With Easter over, i have completed the frames for the George Best animation. In total there is 356 frames that make up the animation sequence.

Background Experiments

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are some of the experiments i have done with one of the frames i intend to animate.

I have kept the poster edge filter for the two players but have altered the background on each picture to see what ones work.

I have used the 1970’s pictures for inspiration for the pictures.

1970’s Photography

I decided to research 1970’s photography online, as well as old photographs i have at home from this time period. What i noticed was alot of the photographs where;

  • Black & White
  • Hippy Style and Colors
  • Crazy Patterns
  • Faded Coloring because of Camera Quality
  • Colors such as Green and Brown
  • Retro
One that i came across that wasn’t related to the 1970 time period was a black and white photograph, with a splash of color. I could try doing this with my project to make the two players stand out.