Project Feedback

After having a meeting with project supervisor Lee Cadieux, he gave me some constructive feedback on the project so far. He was pleased with the progress and how the project was developing. There was one major change that he recommended me to do and that was to change the textured background.

He asked me to look into colors and designs of 1970, this was the era the clip was filmed. This would help me gain a better understanding into 1970’s styles and colors and maybe provide me with some inspiration for the background.


My First Few Frames of the project

this is just a short preview of my progress so far!

The animation producer’s handbook – lea milic, yasmin mcconville

I got this book from the library, it states – Animation production is commonly divided into the following segments;

  • Development
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

There is also a very interesting chapter based on applications for animation, the main divisions are;

  •  product commercials
  • educational films
  • web animation
  • television bumper
  • video games

I would say that my animation is focused on promotional use. This is not one of the applications mentioned in this book but i believe that this is the category that my animation falls into.

It also was useful to read about the animation market place. The book discusses how executive producers and producers flock to these markets with hopes of selling their ideas to the television networks. Some of the buyers include;

  • NAB
  • E3
  • Siggraph
  • Tokyo international Anime Fair

Let it begin

I have begun the implementation process for the project, here is a look at the difference between the real frame and the edited animation i have done.

Software for Video Conversion

I have a  piece of software called AVS4YOU that allows me to convert video formats to an image sequence which i require for the project.


I have a found a few pieces of footage that i would like to use in the project, they incorporate him playing for Both Northern Ireland and Manchester United.

With the footage of him playing for Manchester United, i found it amusing that it was the same two teams featured in Richard Swarbricks animation but the matter of 30-40years earlier.

Now i have found the footage i can push the project on and start to animate each individual frame.

George Best Experiment

I decided to combine the features that i have found that i liked so far whilst experimenting with the other pictures. This shows a textural background with the poster edge filter that i liked. I feel that this combination provides a very nice overall look.

Most famous local player = GEORGE BEST

I decided to look away from the Irish League and look at an individual famous/stressful player.

I could have opted to go with a current player but decided that there is only one person that i could select for the project . . . . . . . George Best.

George Best is one of the most well known greats to ever play football and he was from our own door step. By selecting George Best i am keeping it local as well as using a player that is known world wide.

My Dad is a massive Liverpool Fan and even though George Best was a Man United player, he once said to me ” They don’t make players like George Best anymore, he could do it all” this is something i could incorporate into my project.

The advantage of using George Best is that there is plenty of archival footage of him.

Irish League Football

It seems that a reoccurring problem with video footage of Irish League football is that there is only one camera shot of each game. Very rarely does the camera zoom in to the live action of the football match or focus on an individual player. Working with the solo wide camera shot is not what I imagined when i began the project. It seems that the idea of localising the project will be more difficult that i thought.


Problem with Matty Burrows goal footage

The footage of this goal is from one angle and is not of great quality. At this point I am worried this will affect the final outcome.

With the Wayne Rooney animation, there is footage of different angles of the goal and celebration. This I believe add to the professionalism of the animation.

As you can see the footage is only from an amateur, far away shot. Once a frame has been rotoscoped and the poster edge filter has been applied, you can see that it is very hard to make out the players. This would have been a perfect goal for the project if the camera footage had been  better but i think i will now need to find another option of local football.